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I'm actually updating this godforsaken thing. Why do we have these anyway? Betcha it was Gaara's idea...
(-__-;) Well, we found the little bastard. He went ballistic and attacked me and that's all I pretty much remember. Then everything went all black. So then what else...

[locked [which means only fellow sibs can read this part]]
I fell in love with Haruno Sakura. Has to be the weirdest experience in my entire life.
I shouldn't have... but I... I couldn't help it... she's just... and when she smiles... It's hard to explain. But I feel guilty... because Naruto... Naruto's always loved her but, I seem to have stolen his chance. It's weird... when I told her, I loved her. She told me she loved me too. I didn't think any girl could ever love me especially since Gaara stole them all!! DX. So it was weird to hear it. But... *shrugs*

I seriosuly need a REALLY cold shower now though... (o__<;) *goes to shower*

NARUTO CHEATED! We were racing and he like... used some sort of thingy to trip me! *denial* Yea... That's it.


p.s I can't find my hat. Anyone seen it?

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I'm nice for frickin once in my life and it bites me in the ass. Karma sucks. Anyway, Sakura, Naruto-baka, the lazy ass are stayin over. Dammit.

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Another piece of Kankuro's shattered childhood, don't lie. I know you guys enjoy it.
And yes he is in fact a CHILD... Sakura... (-_-;)

Every step that I make is Another Mistake to YouCollapse )


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Consider this a bit of fan fic I guess. Half and half from a forum I RP at. Well, there's a reference to an RP thread but nothing you wouldn't be able to understand. xD;

All I want is to be more like me and less like youCollapse )

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Temari got back. Pretty weird though. Well, ..... I don't like writing in these things.

I couldn't save Gaara... sorta pissed at myself for that...
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